Meet Kaija – video editor, creative director, and online personality.

Kaija began her entertainment career at a young age, where her love of performing took center stage. Her training as a musician and competitive dancer lead her to perform frequently around her hometown of Orlando, Florida. Performing at events like The Disney Day Parade and Daytona 500 alongside The Jonas Brothers, Keith Urban, and Miley Cyrus is where she began to find her love of Production. She would go on to earn a Bachelor’s Degree in Film Production – proving herself as a true triple threat.

Posting her musical performances and covers to YouTube with the hopes of breaking into the industry, her hard work and dedication paid off. Her YouTube videos provided her with the opportunity of a lifetime, to move to Los Angeles and partner with some of YouTube’s most well-known stars. Kaija found herself working as a (Producer/Editor) for popular YouTubers, making a living in her dream industry.

While maintaining her behind-the-scenes YouTube career, Kaija was presented with the chance to further her career also working with BET Networks to assist with some of their major events and Awards Shows including The BET Awards, Soul Train Awards, Black Girls Rock!, and BET Honors.

Although Kaija is still ever passionate about her off-camera work, she has recently decided to step back into the spotlight rather than sit comfortably behind it. You will now find her interviewing other artists, covering various events, and exploring the world of entertainment all while documenting her journey on YouTube in hopes of inspiring others to lead passionate lives.

Combined with her creative spirit, zest for life and benevolence, Kaija embraces life as it comes and continues to work hard to pursue success in her dream career.