#KeepitMovin 2017. -Kaija

At the start of each year while people are making all kinds of resolutions, I simply set a new intention that sets the tone for the year to come. I learned the importance of doing so through many yoga classes I took during college. Last year was #YearofTheYolo. I pushed myself to say yes to every opportunity that felt right, no matter how daunting it may have seemed. By doing so, I met some great people, had some of the best career opportunities, and learned a lot more about the industry I’m a part of all because I threw away my fear and said yes.

I don’t count my personal new year until my birthday, but this is a simple way to participate in the new year festivities until that time rolls around. This year it’s all about pushing forward at all costs.

I was in an uber on my way to Hollywood for a New Year’s Eve party when the clock struck 12. I remember frantically checking the snapchat stories of my friends to see how the night was going and messaging everyone to tell them that I wouldn’t make in time (I had been working on a really important edit prior to the party). I was a little bummed that I wasn’t there at the exact moment the new year rang in. Once I accepted my fate, I looked out of the window of the car and began reflecting on the past year. With a heart full of gratitude, my mind played back a montage of all the wins and accomplishments I had been blessed to receive but I knew I also had to reflect and analyze the losses. In analyzing my failures (also from a place of gratitude), I learned that I often forfeited my time for others. Now this is not a bad thing, but in excess, it can be detrimental to my own personal projects that I have and want to create.

#keepitmoving2017 is a reminder that in order to reach my dream, I have to become a little more assertive in making things happen for myself. Whether that’s reaching out to people to make things happen, pushing myself to be more consistent with my content, or saying no when I’m being spread too thin. To me, this year is all about sharpening my creative toolkit and experimenting with new ideas. Being surrounded by an immense amount of talent and success all the time definitely skews my perspective on my career trajectory. One huge lesson I learned was that there isn’t one road to success in this industry. Everyone’s story is different and I can’t use anyone else’s journey as an instruction guide to the amount of success I want to achieve. My friends and clients’ journeys can be a source of motivation and inspiration but if I want to be where they are with my personal brand, the only person that can make that happen is me.

So with that being said, here’s to 2017. The year of running full speed towards making everything I’ve ever dreamed of a reality.

Much love,